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Our SAT Math series will help you review specific concepts that frequently appear on the SAT Math test. There are currently three books in the series:


  • SAT Math: Focus on Quadratics & Parabolas
  • SAT Math: Focus on Lines & Systems of Equations
  • SAT Math: Focus on Algebraic Basics


Each volume reviews key mathmatical concepts that you'll need to know in order to be successful on the SAT. When you are done reviewing, there are 25 problems to try, some with calculator and some without.


Along with the problems, you'll get fully worked-out solutions.



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You can get a pretty good ACT Math score by getting most of the questions correct. But if you want to get an exceptional score, one that sets you apart from the other very good math students who are also taking the test, you need to master the difficult math concepts that appear at the end of the test.


This book can help you do that! Inside you'll find 200 math problems designed to mimic the problems that appear in the final quarter of the ACT Math test. You'll work on problems that cover easier topics, like averages, that are asked in clever ways that make the problems more difficult. You'll also work on the more advanced topics that students are taught in a Pre-Calculus or Trigonometry class. 


Along with the problems, you'll get fully worked-out solutions.


Paperback Price: $19.95

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Perhaps you're trying to decide which test to take. Will it be the SAT or the ACT? This book will give you an idea of the types of problems you're likely to encounter on ACT test day. The math on the ACT includes topics you learned as far back as middle school, like averages and proportions. You'll also see problems from Algebra and Geometry as well as the funtions you learned about in Algebra 2. Finally, each test contains a few problems from Trigonometry. 


If you've already decided the ACT is the test for you, this book will help you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. Each of the six tests in the book contains 20 problems. By the time you finish, you'll have done 120 problems, the equivalent of two full ACT Math tests. And you'll have done this without using up any of the valuable tests in The Real ACT Prep Guide. 


Paperback Price: $12.95

Kindle Price: $4.99


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This book focuses on the "Advanced Trigonometry" topics that appear on the ACT Math test. You'll find explanations of the concepts, example problems, and fully worked-out solutions. In the second half of the book, there are a number of problems that you can work out on your own. These, too, have fully worked-out solutions so you can check your work and really understand how to apply what you've learned to those tough problems that appear at the end of the ACT Math test.


The topics addressed in this book include the Law of Cosines and the Law of Sines, advanced topics in right triangle trigonometry, the three reciprocal trig functions (secant, cosecant, and cotangent), and properties of functions. 


Students who are taking the ACT before finishing Pre-Calculus will find this volume particularly helpful. 


Paperback Price: $7.95

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