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Should I take the SAT or the ACT .... or both? When should I plan on doing my testing? What are SAT Subject Tests and do I need to take them?


We can help you answer those questions and get you on the right track to getting your best possible score on those tests. While some students can be successful in a large-class environment, many students find that they are better able to prepare for the SAT or ACT by working one-on-one with an experienced tutor. Our comprehensive review usually starts three to four months before the test and includes the following:

  • We provide in-depth review for all the different sections of the SAT or ACT.
  • We teach strategies that allow students to work more efficiently and score higher.
  • Homework problems allow student to practice what they have learned. All of our homework involves "real" problems created by the makers of each test and we go over questions at the next session.
  • All materials are provided.
  • We normally meet with students once per week. This allows the student sufficient time to reivew and to complete the homework assignments.

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You can also find all of our free materials that we share with students by heading over to our blog.

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